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ABS Elite Centre

ABS was launched in 2009 and has been continually developed to meet and exceed the most robust testing standards for Euro cylinders.

With patented break secure cam technology, advanced drill, bump and pick features the ABS lock remains the only retro-fit cylinder to have successfully passed the SS312 Diamond Standard year-after-year.

Burglar proof your doors by upgrading to ABS, protecting against known methods of entry such as lock snapping and bumping.

  • Snap Secure
  • Anti-Drill
  • Anti-Bump
  • Anti-Pick
  • Anti-Screw
  • 3 High Security Keys
  • Chrome or Brass
  • Thumbturn Options
ABS Elite Centre

Why Should You Upgrade?

Most people will not find out how insecure their doors are until it's too late. Most standard euro cylinder locks are cheap, basic in design and have a known weakness which burglars exploit to break into your home.

ABS locks are designed to secure your home from the most common form of forced entry.. Lock Snapping. Designed to easily replace your existing locks and tested by the Master Locksmiths Association, the Police and Security professionals ABS patented active cam technology locks the cam if it is forcefully twisted or snapped to totally secure your door.

ABS Elite Centre

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