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Here at Locks and Security our locksmiths are experts when it comes to UPVC, in fact we reckon we can repair or upgrade the hardware on any UPVC window or door. We can repair multiPoint’s, hinges, handles and locks and we carry it all on our van meaning when our locksmiths get to you we can do the job there and then.

Multipoint Locks

Multi point locks have been about since the upvc door was invented, without multipoints the UPVC door couldn’t exist as its too flexible and needs multiple locking points to stop it been pushed open.

They come in a range of sizes, variants, security rating and functionality. There are about 30 manufacturers with multiple models each meaning there are literally thousands of variants of what is in essence the same product.

We carry a massive stock of products but every now and then we get to a job and the hardware has been discontinued. This is where repair locks and a bit of expertise from your locksmith comes in.

uPVC Window Repair

As well as doors our locksmiths also take care of windows. We can repair broken hinges, Locking mechanisms and furniture as well as glazing.

As with MultiPoint’s there’s a multitude of options and our locksmiths all carry the most common hardware on their van.

One of the most common issues are the Espags going and the window in the stuck position. Our locksmith can open the window, remove the offending part and replace all without leaving you unsecured.

Other Stuff

As well as the more common stuff our locksmiths in Sheffield can also take care of a raft of other problems.

We can replace hinges, change handles and generally freshen up your doors and windows. We stock and fit loads of bits to make your tired door look all new and sparkly. Ask one of our locksmiths for more details.

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